Monday, October 8, 2012

Buy or DIY | Kate Spade Glitter Loafers

It was love at first sight when I saw the Kate Spade Cora Loafers.  

Pink. Gold. Glitter. Bows.
Really, what's not to love?

$225...that's whats not to love.

They aren't exactly the most practical of shoes, and let's be honest, the love affair is not likely to endure the years.  So when strolling the aisles of Target recently, I stumbled upon these shoes and instantly knew I was about to make my pink, gold, and glittery dreams come true.  With a dab of glue and a few scraps of ribbon I had the newest member of my shoe collection in my greedy little hands, err closet.


  1. You should have made me a pair, Twin. Love!

  2. Hey, Welcome Back! These shoes are awesome. Following along :)

  3. So fun!! I just saw these at Target today!! I need to go back and try them on.

    Missed ya!! So glad that you are back!!

    PS Love the new "place".

  4. I really debated those glitter slippers at Target the other day, then went with some hippie gray oxfords with pink soles


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