Saturday, October 27, 2012

gone glamping

What's in store for you this weekend?

I'm not really glamping this weekend, but I am coveting this cozy color combo which I discovered while avoiding what I'm really doing this weekend...moving (and hopefully avoiding Hurricane Sandy which is supposed to hit mere hours after I move back to the shoreline, yikes!)

  • I somehow missed these fab glasses when I visited the Warby Parker showroom a few weekends ago, a perfect excuse to stop back in!  
  • This Bauble Bar necklace was the start of the online shopping hunt for all things wood and teal.  Since it was my first time to order I got an additional $10 off an already discounted price, woot woot.
  • I am absolutely smitten with these gold heeled flats from J Crew, let's all say a little prayer to the shoe gods that they go on sale soon (and have my size).
  • Don't forget to check out Jack Spade when looking for tech accessories.
  • Last but not least, Kate Spade never fails to delight with adorable accessories with just the right amount of quirk!
Well, wish me luck this weekend! 
I hope your plans include lots of fall festivities and indulgences! 


  1. wait to move all things important (shoes, clothes, jewelry) until that biatch sandy passes!!

  2. Those are very cozy colors! The only downfall to having a Samsung Galaxy S3 is that there are hardly ANY cases for it on the market, but I'm looking for some cute ones like those!

    I hope your move went well, Sandy has also delayed the Bug and Bird from moving to NYC... logistics and all is a mess

    I saved your Pinterest on my bookmarks bar and it'll take me AGES to go through all your images, you've got great taste and style!

  3. Oh my goodness. Adorable picks! I especially LOVE those glasses!! The pop of teal is fabulous.

    xoxo Nikki

  4. I pretty much hate you right this moment... that Kate Spade Wood clutch is so beyond adorable that I feel dead inside because it is not mine and I do not have $171 to blow. =) Seriously, Kate Spade is going to be the death of me. At lease, I am no the only one though.


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