Wednesday, December 19, 2012

decking the halls

With LESS THAN A WEEK (EEEEK! I'm so excited) until Christmas, I thought I'd share a little bit of our (semi)decked out halls.
We moved at the beginning of November.  (Remember hurricane Sandy?) 
Well, as we were moving all our precious belongings into our new house the local police department was going door to door (yes, our door) telling us we had to be out of the area within the next 2 hours.  Not only did we not finish moving, what we had done was now under the threat of not being there when we got back.
Luckily for us, our house was completely unharmed, but we were without electricity for a week.  In light of the devastation elsewhere, we were pretty lucky, but it did prolong and already stressful job of combining two homes.  We are now FINALLY mostly settled, but honestly, I didn't have a ton of energy or desire to get totally decked out this year.
Case in point, our ONE strand of lights.  In a sea of beautifully decorated homes, ours is just sad.  When we drive up we can only laugh at ourselves.  And we do.  Every.single.time. 
Seriously, why bother? 
Next year will be better...
Next year.
In the past I have been totally uptight with my Christmas tree, and only perfectly coordinated decorations made the cut.  This year, anything goes, and despite the chaos that is going on on our tree, it is, by far, my favorite of all time!
When you have a helper this cute...anything goes.  Twenty mismatched ornaments on one branch, go right ahead. butterflies, star trek, and tangled snowflake garland, no problem! 
I did, however, draw the line at multi-colored lights (I quickly stashed those away from the get go), and truth be told, I am planning on the addition of an "adult" tree in the dining room...
Next year.
I did splurge on these giant poinsettias for the front entry.  They are HUGE.  I actually found them at Walmart of all places. 
Side note:  My new house is no longer within the "I'm bored, I'll just run to Target" range, sniff, sniff.   I typically avoid Walmart because it kind of creeps me out.  Its gigantic, there are so many things (most of which I don't want), and some of the other shoppers...well, are different.  I'm all for staying in your PJ's all day, but if you have to leave the house, for the love of all things good, please go that extra step and pull on some pants. 
Anyway, divert eyes, and check out the pretty flowers.
There are a few additional items scattered about, but that's about it for us, and I'm really okay with that.  I love it, and I will love it even more when, come January, it is a snap to clean up...
Until NEXT year.


  1. Congrats on finishing your house. It looks beautiful and your little one is adorable :) Happy Holidays!

  2. All in good time my friend! Relax and enjoy your loved ones.

    Shon, xo

  3. Take your time... it doesn't have to all happen at once. I mean who am I kidding, I want everything done immediately, but it never really works out that way, does it? Can't wait to visit!

  4. Being around children during the holidays makes everything brighter and more merry


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