Monday, January 28, 2013

closet peak

I love seeing how people organize all their "stuff".  Most of my "stuff" consists of clothes, shoes, and accessories.  In fact, other than my dogs, I might head straight for my closet(s!) if there were ever a fire.  I actually have 3 closets (4 if you count all the clothes and shoes that are living at my sisters right now).  I have been in major purge mode lately, but my closets were barely touched.  What can I say, I know what I like.  Oh, and I partake in trends mostly by indulging in color and keeping styles classic.

In my first closet I keep bottoms, tops, and boots.
No rhyme or reason here,  the things I wear most often are closer to the top.  Genius.

I organize my tops by sleeve length, and then by pattern or style.  If I really like something, I will usually get several colors and keep them together, and if I have several striped long sleeve tops, they get put together.

I use pipe insulation (that I found in the creepster, but I'm sure it can be obtained at any home improvement store) to keep my boots upright and orderly...because no one likes disorderly boots.

My second closet is pretty small, and I keep seasonal skirts hanging and off season skirts folded in boxes below.
75% of my skirts are from J Crew, 24% from Target, and 1% random elsewhere.  As you can see I LOVE pattern.

And finally, my accessory/shoe closet.
bags on the left

necklaces on the right

So there you have it.  Soon as temperatures warm up, I might actually start wearing a few of these things...

UPDATE:  Neal would like it noted that he has 0 closets.  It's a lie.  Kind of.


  1. Oh my gosh! I don't even know what to say. You have more clothes and accessories than I have owned in my entire life. I like the organization. :)

  2. oh my gosh!!! such beauty!!! and i see you finally got the JCrew Brompton Hobo you wanted for awhile? I literally own no heels, 1 pair of boots... Now that we're back in the States and I've found my style I need to rebuild... ever think about creating a "shop my closet" tab and selling your clothes/accessories that no longer fit your lifestyle?

    1. I've thought of it, but I rarely get rid of items in my closet. If I do, it's because I've worn something to death or it was crap to begin with..

  3. I would totally shop your closet! : )

  4. Hmm, very lovely indeed. I spy with my little eye, GSL!!!

    I need help in the closet department. I know we spoke in the past about disorderly and unruly boots. I still keep mine in their boxes taking up floor space that I do not have.

  5. Out of control and I love it! We have the same clothes... not entirely shocking.

  6. Wow! Your closets are amazing. You are literally the luckiest ever to have that many! I am currently purging my closet because its tiny and I couldn't even walk in! Next home I am following your philosophy!


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