Tuesday, January 29, 2013

just around the corner

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, so I thought a wishlist was in order...

1.  How adorable is this mug from West Elm?  Although if you're crafty, you could make it yourself.
2.  Elephants + Hearts + iPhone = LOVE
3.  If this blog was in English I would totally screw these up make these!
4.  These Tory Burch flats were on my Christmas list.  They still are.
5.  I'm pretty sure these straws would make any smoothie infinitely better.
6.  Heart paperclips might make me do some work.
7.  Who doesn't need a heart umbrella.
8.  Lobsters on my sweater.  Lobsters in my tummy.  Lobsters everywhere.
9.  Silver Lab Puppy.  Duh.  (PS. Did you know these are real?!)**

**I have clearly lost my mind, forgotten/blocked form my memory how not awesome lab puppies are.


  1. Keep those TB bow flats on that list til you get them, girl!

  2. that lobster sweater is my favorite! saw it... on goodlifeforless the other day!


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